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Sheng Wei Precision Co., Ltd.

Sheng Wei Precision Co., Ltd.

Being a professional CNC precision turning machining, and milling machining facility based on Taiwan for medical device, auto parts, power tools, construction, agricultural, electronic & energy parts etc on OEM basis, Sheng Wei Precision has been well-known in the CNC industry worldwide since 1974.

Sheng Wei uses sophisticated and state of the art CNC equipment incorporated with our high - tech manufacturing machining technology, in conjunction with highly trained and skilled technician and staff and executing QC system to QS / ISO standard enabling Sheng Wei to be more innovative and efficient than our competitors allowing our customers to realize greater overall satisfaction.

The major industries that we have manufactured precision turning parts for include:
The medical and technological industry, the automotive industry, the telecommunication industry, the power tool & construction industry, the agricultural industry and energy related industry etc.

By focusing on innovation and continually strive to keep up with the latest in the milling machining / CNC precision turning machining technology; Sheng Wei is able to create greater quality products in a time efficient manner at an effective price for our customers.


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