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Five-axis machining

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Blade (Five-axis machining)

Using five-Axis machining with dynamic engineering methods. This type of parts used for the relevant parts of the development of special aerospace, optoelectronics, semiconductor system of vacuum equipment, air compress...

Paradigm for Five-axis machining

Paradigm for Five-axis machining (Five-axis machining)

This part is the use of five-axis milling machine processing. In the process, to avoid a collision between the tool and the workpiece with the clamp, this is the key technology. One of five axis processing characteristi...

Cutting Tools & Boring Bars

Cutting Tools & Boring Bars (Five-axis machining)

In this part reason angle request, therefore must use five axis manufacturing machine direction detection processing to become. Because this knife handle must coordinate another hilt size, therefore the outer diameter c...

Small blade

Small blade (Five-axis machining)

This work piece uses five axis manufacturing machines, and with moves the refining methods using five axes to carry on the manufacture. Because of the radio station and the refining methods limit, the general factory le...

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