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Copper Electrical Discharge Machining

Copper Electrical Discharge Machining

Copper Electrical Discharge Machining

Product ID: Electrical Discharge Machining
  1. This work piece with the Electrical Discharge Machining, divides into two project processings to complete.
  2. The work piece vertical place R angle requests below 0.25, therefore the use diameter 0.15 copper wire carry on the processing.
  3. Because work piece request verticality below 0.01, after therefore the first project completes, in carries on before the second project processing, must carry on the survey first, the definite verticality conforms to the plan requirement, can carry on the second project processing.
  4. Workpiece production process, is added to measure movement have spent a lot of time, but at the insistence of quality first, each step must be completed.

Material:Copper ( Co )

  1. Verticality request (in perpendicular plane R angle request)
  2. Before the second project processing must carry on the gauging.
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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Any quantity all may
  • OEM/ODM Product, Branded Product
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