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Machine parts

Machine parts (CNC milling machine)

This work piece completes with the CNC milling machine processing. Because this work piece uses in the machine the components, needs the intensity the request, therefore chooses SKD11 for the material. This work piec...


Fixture‏ (CNC milling machine)

This parts use the A6061 plate, processes two projects by the CNC milling machine to complete. Big hole and another work piece, because has the function coordination, therefore requests the real roundness in 0.005, ap...

Automation Equipment Parts

Automation Equipment Parts (CNC milling machine)

This part of the automation equipment for precision parts, the use transports other work pieces for the absorption under, carries on processes together. Because in combination with other components, therefore in the vert...

Packaging Equipment Parts

Packaging Equipment Parts (CNC milling machine)

This part is used in semiconductor packaging equipment therefore has the following request in the manufacture: As the left, there were third-order hole, so concentricity requirements to be within 0.01mm. Two-stage pre...


Fastener (CNC milling machine)

This work piece is small, needs the small cutting tool processing, this is difficulty. The interface point R angle request cannot be bigger than R 0.5, therefore the processing is not easy. Below trench width precisi...

Mold Machining

Mold Machining (CNC Turning Machining)

This work piece uses the CNC milling machine, selects the suitable face cutter and the ice-skate blade, completes using the 3D grave law processing. The machine main axle rotational speed, the XYZ each axial repetitio...

cnc milling Taiwan

cnc milling Taiwan

Sheng Wei is a leading CNC milling company in Taiwan, offering high precision CNC machining center and milling machine for several applications in the industry. With the state of the art CNC milling equipment and advance...

Hydraulic Presses Machinery

Hydraulic Presses Machinery (17)

Many Machinery parts including Hydraulic Presses Machinery need high-precision CNC machining technology, Sheng Wei fully utilize it´s capabilities and state - of - the - art CNC machining, milling & turning equipme...

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