Micro eyelet (Aperture ∮0.1)

Micro eyelet (Aperture ∮0.1) Micro eyelet (Aperture ∮0.1)

Micro eyelet (Aperture ∮0.1)

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  1. This components first take the lathe processing as the first project, then carry on the second project milling machine processing, finally completes the micro eyelet processing.
  2. Because the aperture only then ∮0.1mm, deep 0.5mm, is very important except the machine main axle rotational speed and the stability, simultaneously supports on both sides the drill bit jig also is the success or failure key, also the processing material is SUS316 (difficult to cut material), increases the processing difficulty.Any step mistake, will be unable to complete this work piece.
  3. Need to pay attention to project of the control after the drill hole, including aperture roundness、any burr round aperture.




The tiny drill in center

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∮30mm x20L

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